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Content writer resume sample

    Content writer resume must highlight relevant writing skills of a candidate. Content writers are expected to develop succinct content for company websites, blogs, white papers, business collaterals, case studies, requirement-understanding documents, and advertising copy. While they must adapt their writing style to the business requirement, they must also have sound knowledge of documentation tools and practices. For website content writers, basic knowledge of prevalent search engine optimization (SEO) practices can yield better results. While there are no eligibility constraints in terms of educational qualification for the position of a content writer, bachelors and masters in linguistics, journalism, and mass communication disciplines outrun others in the race. After all, good command of a language is the key here.

    The following content writer resume sample will guide you a great deal while you prepare a resume for this decent position. It is recommended that before writing a resume, you also go through the basics of resume writing on this website in the section ‘You must know this.

    The names and addresses mentioned in the following resume example are fictitious and should not be confused with the real ones.


    Content writer resume sample

    Anna Williams

    107, Wilkinson Avenue

    Brooklyn, NY- 11230

    Landline: 718-338-7511

    Mobile: 8087563760

    Email: [email protected]

    Job objective

    A motivated and technically oriented candidate with excellent communication skills, adaptive range of writing styles, and considerable experience in working with CMS seeks employment as a website content writer in a well-established company where performance will be duly rewarded in an entirely professional work-environment.

    Summary of qualifications

    • Considerable 5 year experience in online and hard-copy documentation
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Proficiency in XML, HTML, and HTML Help
    • Rich experience of working on Windows-based documentation tools
    • High-level proficiency in working on Microsoft Word; creating and managing templates and styles along with content creation
    • Knowledge of best SEO practices and demonstrated ability to create quality content as per SEO requirements for better search engine performance
    • Familiarity with Captivate, RoboHelp, and MadcapFlare
    • Familiarity with client/server environments
    • Well-acquainted with the corporate styles and standards and ability to adhere to the same
    • Proven multitasking skills and ability to work efficiently on multiple projects within strict deadlines
    • Proven ability to work independently with little supervision
    • Excellent analytical and decision-making skills


    Professional Experience

    Senior Content Writer

    SLK Software Pvt. Ltd., Brooklyn, New York, 3/2009-till date

    Responsibilities include:

    • Creating, revising, editing, and proofreading text content for websites, blogs, white papers, business collaterals, case studies, requirement-understanding documents, and advertising copy
    • Working closely with the SEO team to produce quality website content along with meta tags, title tags, header tags, and Alt tags
    • Creating content to specifically target marketing, government and IT sectors
    • Working in tandem with Corporate Communication and Marketing team-leads to set long-term strategies for effective content creation
    • Conducting periodic check of website content and updating the same as per company requirements
    • Leading a team of 15 content writers and conducting weekly training sessions to keep them abreast of the latest information in the fields such as CMS and technical publications
    • Creating and reviewing content for the company periodical

    Content Developer

    Praxis Interactive Services, Brooklyn, New York, 2/2007-3/2009:

    Responsibilities included:

    • Developing and updating instructional content to meet learning requirements
    • Creating assessment items for learners to test their performance
    • Working in sync with technical and graphics team to make e-learning modules more user friendly and effective
    • Handling ad hoc content development responsibilities as per project requirements



    • M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Brooklyn College, NY (2005)
    • Technical Writing Certificate Program, Brooklyn College, NY (2005)

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